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Reality Is Broken

There are some things we know to be facts. Others, we know to be our facts. That is to say, we find them our truths. They are absolutely true for us but no one else ever sees them as we do. Some of us spend a lifetime convincing others to see things as they see them some, well, some turn off the lights. Not everyone is worthy of our truth. Some of it is ours, we need to let it be that way. Or maybe it’s not that we need to let it be, maybe it has to be that way.
After all the world has to come to some realizations on its own. Not everything is taught, some things have to be experienced. It is a rather painful realization. Especially for someone or “someones” who have seen life left, right, upside, and sideways. You want to grab everyone and stop them from going down that road.
No, it’s dark, it’s ugly. There are no wolves. There are no scary wolves but grandma’s house isn’t safe either. No one is going to come to save you. If you would just listen. Just. Listen.
That’s not the dress you want, someone washed blood stains from it this morning. I’ve seen it. If you only knew. I could only see what I saw. If I could only tell you things I have seen or I’m seeing right now.
I guess you have to wait until you get to grandma’s house and find there’s no way where that’s safe.

You will have to the gaping wound yourself to realize everything is tainted with blood.
There is very little we can do to tell. Seeing is believing. Sometimes even that doesn’t work when people have chosen to turn a blind eye.
I still choose to keep my facts close to my heart because it is very easy to get lost in the deception of everything around us.

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until we meet again.

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Bye Bye 2020

2020 is gone, we hold the power to make whatever we want 2021 to be. Yeah, a load of bull crap, it will be, what it will be. There is some truth to training your mind heart to dealing with the worst a bit better. You don’t have to be completely lost. You have to be a total disaster. Let’s hope 2021 doesn’t hit us like a ton of bricks like 2019 and then ESPECIALLY 2020 did.

Whatever does happen though; let’s be ready to deal with it though.
Get in touch with Femmerang’s Wellness Team we will give you the tools to deal with any emotional and mental problem that comes your way or that you may already be dealing with.
We are here for you and always will be, no questions asked, no judgement, anonymously if that’s what you need.
Try it, you have nothing to lose.
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