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Dawood Global Foundation Donates #LFWheels

Dawood Global Foundation #LFWheels LADIESFUND Wheelchair distribution of 116 wheelchairs to SIUT today. Handover was presided over by GM Abbasi, who spoke about SBP’s commitment to facilitate handicapable, and attended by four members of Bank Islami. Wheelchairs were donated by Tara Uzra Dawood personally, Bank Islami and several LADIESFUND members in the names of loved ones.

Honored to be a part of this wonderful organization, and really looking forward to getting to know the inspiring ladies in this team.

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Birthday Stories

My older one turned nine a couple of days ago, his friend and brother were forced to pose for pics.

I’m not traditionally a big birthday “todoer”. When my kids first became aware that birthdays were a thing they used to want elaborate cakes and care about who was there and who wasn’t. I didn’t argue and let them have it. Then questions like. “What is the big deal about being a year older?” started to come up. I loved that they were questioning things and wondering about life. After all, would they even be my children if they didn’t question a norm or two? This year both of them opted for a simple celebration. The younger one wanted a plain chocolate cake, he’s not a people person so he just wanted few close family members. This guy wanted just a friend or two.
Slowly, they didn’t care so much.
I’m realizing that on the most part the extravagance and over-the-top birthdays are parents wanting to celebrate their children rather than children wanting to celebrate themselves.
My children’s celebrations look very different from mine so I let them have theirs. Well, most of the time. I’m not perfect.

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I Did Not Have The Time

This describes me and how I feel. How I write, how I express myself. Who I am in general. You want to get to know me, you will have to take the time. You want to learn about me, take the time. You want to understand my point of view take out the time. Otherwise you will always wonder and never understand me.
Not understanding me is not such a bad thing, not everyone is meant to know everyone well. Most people are just travelers in our lives. However, if you choose not to be; it will take time.

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I Am A Bad Mom

I am a bad mother because I didn’t choose the same struggle as others. I’m a bad mother because on some instances I chose comfort for myself over faking martyrdom. I’m a bad mother because I’m not a man and I cannot make choices accordingly.

I’m a bad mother because I can’t always do everything the way society expects me to. I’m a bad mother because I speak of wanting a life of my own. I’m a bad mother because I want to choose a life for my children based on what “I” think is best for them and not what others deem appropriate. I’m a bad mother because others don’t see my struggles and have made up their minds about who I am. I’m a bad mother because after taking care of my children, husband, home, and other family members and working for years, months, weeks without complaining I’m exhausted and want to take a break. That break costs me, that break is considered laziness. That rest and time out is a sign of my disinterest.

It’s Just Me!

Honestly, I don’t even want to make the same choices. My world is differently layered that cannot be explored by the naked eye.

My choices make me a regular person. Just a person; Not good or bad.

Just like the children’s father’s parenting has never been questioned my parenting shouldn’t be questioned as well.

The reality we live in is rude and mind numbing.

It feels as though women are gripped by the throat, that grip ever so slightly being tightened and loosened depending on what actions are approved or disapproved by the world around with no consequence to others.

Anytime we express a thought or “feelings” they are simply explained away as emotions that have no place in a real conversation or the real world. Which, now we know as educated, informed individuals is the farthest from the truth. Expressing our emotions is one of the most valuable things one can do in any relationship, whether it be a personal one or work one. Of course the limitations and etiquettes differ.

Not expressing ourselves and denying others the same opportunity is what has landed us here.

In summation, I’m a bad mother because I’m Human, I’m a bad mother because I’m a woman.

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