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Birthday Stories

My older one turned nine a couple of days ago, his friend and brother were forced to pose for pics.

I’m not traditionally a big birthday “todoer”. When my kids first became aware that birthdays were a thing they used to want elaborate cakes and care about who was there and who wasn’t. I didn’t argue and let them have it. Then questions like. “What is the big deal about being a year older?” started to come up. I loved that they were questioning things and wondering about life. After all, would they even be my children if they didn’t question a norm or two? This year both of them opted for a simple celebration. The younger one wanted a plain chocolate cake, he’s not a people person so he just wanted few close family members. This guy wanted just a friend or two.
Slowly, they didn’t care so much.
I’m realizing that on the most part the extravagance and over-the-top birthdays are parents wanting to celebrate their children rather than children wanting to celebrate themselves.
My children’s celebrations look very different from mine so I let them have theirs. Well, most of the time. I’m not perfect.

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