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As women, especially working women we feel we miss out on so much of the Ibadah. We have always been made to feel guilty for not praying or worshiping a certain way. But when we try we are called out on neglecting our responsibilities as a woman. Let’s talk about what is the right balance, do we even need a balance? Are there limits or are we just creating them?
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April 2nd SATURDAY
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The Feeling

Anger always has a feeling behind it. Find it. Deal with it. Usually it’s sadness and grief. Loss of a loved one. Loss of time. Loss of a lie that gave us comfort. Sit with your feelings before reacting, they might be absolutely valid, however when they come out as anger we may not find a single friend in the world.

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I have seen those who claim to be “found” and enlightened. I pray to God I never become like those. If history is any evidence, I would much rather be “lost” and enjoy my life with the dignity it brings.
You are welcome to join me, I usually have cheesecake! 🙂

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Keep Chasing It

I have been chasing happiness for as long as I can remember. I do remember being happy. I also remember being extremely unhappy. What I don’t remember is true happiness. So I chase it. It’s right here, within reach. However the second I lose sight of it I forget that I am happy and that my happiness is all around me. So I chase it.


The moments that I cannot escape are my happiness. My children, the running, laughing, with stars in their eyes and always a spring in their step miracles; they are my happiness. Then I watch them run into a distance and my heart is restless. So I chase that feeling I had a few moments ago. I am unsure, there is a certain uneasiness in my soul. I have often wondered if I ever loved someone or something as fearlessly and mercilessly as I do my children. I have wondered what I did with my worries and my heart before they came along. 

Grankids through niblings: these little monsters will soon take over. We are ready.


I remember that there has been plenty of happiness to chase. My mind has never been free of the burden of loving mercilessly. My soul has Survived darkness because of the happiness these hearts brought me.

Time doesn’t stop or slow down for anyone. As I hold on to my boys and my hearts I realize the sky is filling up with stars shining just as brightly as the ones I’m holding on to.  

Nieces: Ladies in Red

Time is ever-flowing. Yes. It does, however,  give chances; second, third, love will grow in numbers, hearts, in stars, if you let it.

 Let it.

Cousins and lifelong friends in the making

There is no happiness, there is no permanent joy. There are only moments. Find them. There are only those we love, we have to let them create memories their memories for us. We have to let them chase their own happiness so they can keep filling the sky with stars brighter than the sun and as fierce and free as love itself.

Siblings: is there a stronger bond?

So keep chasing happiness.