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An Attitude

I don’t mind being told I have “an attitude” I’ve learned that’s not always a bad thing. What has been getting me down and breaking my heart is the lessons I’m having to teach the next generation of young women.
I’m having to tell them over and over again that their strength will be mistaken for rudeness. I’m having to reassure them of their capabilities. I’m having to teach them the value of always being true to themselves because most of the times the world will tell them that they are better when they don’t give their opinions honestly and just agree. I’m having to tell them that this reality is not changing anytime soon and their patience and limits will be tested over and over again. I’m having to tell them to keep their cool because if they lose it they are labeled, not taken seriously anymore no matter how intelligent or capable they are. I’m having to tell them to not second guess themselves because they are being questioned. I’m telling them to stop apologizing for mistakes they haven’t made.
In the end I remind that one day it will get better and they will be respected and appreciated for only their talent and hard work. No one will notice their gender. Hold on a little longer. That’s what I wish I could tell them.
Instead I give them examples from my life; at 45 years old, 20 plus years into my career I am still questioned and second guessed. As a mother I’m undermined by friend and foe alike. I tell them this is our reality. Learn to live in it, accept it, be emboldened by it. Never give up because someone else tells you to. Keep doing what you do best. Today I wake up in a slightly better world than I used to 20 years a go. I promise, your children, your young will wake up in a better one because you didn’t give up.

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Are We Still Celebrating?

Did we celebrate our freedom? All freedoms? Is it over now? How is today going? Are we still free today? Free to do what? Are we still celebrating today? If so, celebrating what? How about we leave the celebrations behind and start thinking. Thinking about what we celebrated yesterday. What freedoms we are grateful for today.
While out and about yesterday in the middle of the day with my children we came across herds of people in cars, bussed and motorbikes singing, dancing in the middle of the street. I wanted to get away from them. Their “celebration” of OUR freedom made me, a fellow Pakistani, feel unsafe. What were they celebrating that I couldn’t get on board with? How about we don’t celebrate that kind of freedom?
Are we ready to talk about issues and come back to the real world where putting up flags and merely singing songs, blowing horns doesn’t change things. Can we come back to a world where we realize that posting pics of dead people AFTER they have been brutally murdered doesn’t change anything either.
Let’s start working on a country that knows that we don’t have much to celebrate at this point. We have so many chains around our ankles, so many nooses around our necks.
Let’s come back to a world where we realize we need to free our country all over again.
Freedom for Pakistan once more!

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Join Me.

Well not really, working on building it. There’s no age or time limiting for it. Let me just tell you, I’m having fun doing it. If only you could see me right now. There is music, there’s dancing, there’s fear of failure and lots and lots of hope.
Join me!

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