Internal scars are much worse they tell me. Yeah I have many of those just like everyone else. They are still burning bright. So bright that I am blinded by them sometimes.
In the loneliness of knowing that we are all on our own I guess we can wear our scars as war wounds with pride. That is also what they tell me. In the midst of all the knowledge that is imparted on people like you and me who have so much to gain from all of this we forget that sometimes there is nothing left to lose. We think there is-but really if you think hard enough everything around us starts to disappear and it's just us in our light. That bright bright light.

Although, what about the scars that are visible? What about those people? Those situations when scars are so visible that you can't even believe that they are yours anymore.
You walk around with them like foreign objects on your body. You wonder if you could just scratch them off you? Or just slice it off like a piece of rotten meat? Yeah, those. You know what I'm talking about. If one of you haven't experienced it yourself, you've seen those on someone else. Haven't you? I have.
Rotten meat. Rotting everything around it from inside out.
We all have our definition of what makes it really bad and what is just a little eh. But there are Look around you, you will know the difference.
Now I will get to what I'm trying to say to my readers and most of all to myself. Let's try to help. Let's try to be there. Let's try to be mindful. Let's try to look around in the world for those who are burning and crying. Some are loud and some are quiet but sure enough, they are all looking for us. The scars visible and burning bright. Let's not let them rot anymore. We owe it to ourselves to at least try to help because we know how the scars feel. One way or the other…we know.

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