No More Ideas

“No More Ideas.”

That’s what one of them screams at the other. I see him building a tower. “Give me my tower back.” “No I’m trying to fix it.” “I’m just doing one idea and then I’ll give it back.” “No” “no more idea” just give it back.” “Mom, Dawud is having too many ideas.” “What’s wrong with having too many ideas?” I ask. “Because if two ideas are in the same room they clash. And then I have to keep fixing his idea and he has to keep fixing mine. Just stop him from having his ideas in this room. Send him out”.

“NO. Mine are always the bestest ideas”, Dawud responds, calm as a clam. “You know that.” Adam reaches over and puts an Elephant smack in the middle of Dawud’s structure. That took all the patience, all the calm right out of Dawud. “NOBODY EVER STOP ME! THIS IS MY ZOO, AND IT DOESN’T HAVE ANY ELEPHANTS.” He pushes Adam.

That’s my cue to put my coffee down and get up. After all Adam did start the zoo. It was initially his idea to start making one. Actually no. I gave them the idea so I could have my coffee in peace. No more ideas!

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