Happy Birthday

Today is my younger one’s birthday. Before today I didn’t even notice their birthdays. They came and went. I didn’t ignore them on purpose. Honestly, I was kind of glad that it was going unnoticed. I was also kind of glad that I didn’t have to do the extra work that would come my way if they did start to notice. Then it did happen. They started noticing, getting invited to birthday parties and people started wishing them happy birthday. At first I thought I’ll keep the game plan as it always was, ignore and conquer. That’s what we widely are known for as parents. We also run the risk of becoming the evil ones who ignored and TRIED to conquer and miserably failed and now are the ones whose are child hates them with passion.

When that never really is the intent. I’m already a liar, do I want to add “not a birthday celebrator” to that list? HOWEVER, with everything else going on right now I can’t throw a party. I’m not about to be a bad guy about this either though. There’s plenty coming that will make me a bad guy. I’m making them move, leave their friends, home, the only life they know. This is not a good enough reason to pick a fight. So we will have a cake. No, we will have two cakes. One gluten free for the birthday boy, and one just regular chocolate cake…because…me.

Oh, and why am I a liar? Long story. For another time. Soon though. Very soon.

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