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The Superhero Curse of the Russo Brothers

I want it all back. Everything that we’ve lost, all that is not here anymore. I want it all here and now. Does this sound like a child plead? Well, I am surrounded by young boys, either they were going to start sounding like me or me like them; those boys are hard to break. So, here I am stubborn as a child wanting all of it to go back to the way it used to be. We don’t even completely understand what we lost until we go back and look at what we had. We lost our innocence. We lost the real sense of right and wrong. We lost our battles of good and evil. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. We want our superheroes back. We want to be innocent again. We want to know that there is some corner somewhere where we are safe and protected, somewhere far away rain stops, and the sun comes out with a great big rainbow.

I want my clean-cut handsome no-nonsense grandpa superhero.

The man who has an actual beautiful mind and the face of, well…Mark Ruffalo.

The diva who thinks he’s always right because he IS right, and he knows it.

The mighty god who has the will to turn realms at his feet and the tenderness to shed tears over the shadows of the past.

The King, the one who belongs to all our hearts. We will take him as he is for, he is free to rule as he pleases but chooses humbleness as his guide. No leader is a greater teacher in that world than he is.

The badass Superhero woman without whom all these larger-than-life men wouldn’t know which direction the sun comes up. I want Nat back. She deserved so much better.

Who can forget Scarlet Which, technically she’s not a part of the OG MCU Avengers but she has earned the right to be in any list that talks about superheroes anywhere. I want a movie with just her and Black widow. I know that can never happen but the least we can do is acknowledge the physical and emotional strength of these women who lost so much and still were expected to baby these men and be nurturing to them. Did anyone catch that or was it just me? Just me then?

That will be a different article, don’t you worry.

I Especially want Clint Barton back, we all need the real Clint. Are any of you aware that he is supposed to be blind and deaf? He knows sign language and is an expert in Martial Arts and some other cool stuff that I forgot about. The point is MCU did this dude dirty. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a superhero who so many people could relate to? A special needs superhero who can kick-ass? Can you see the importance of it in our world?

I was so happy to see the emotionally unstable, fat Thor because he resonated as the real hero. He was flawed but strong. His strength came through in the end when he knew he had nothing more left to lose and everything to give to the world that was counting on him to make it right. Aren’t we all the strongest when we have nothing more left to lose?

We can all use a little more Ronin/Hawkeye as he is meant to be.

Endgame came and the world…the real world went to shit, is it just me? Or did you guys also feel like the  Russo brothers cursed us into this life?

Just think about it; We were all okay right before Stark died and Rogers hung up that shield.

I mean, I don’t really believe that of course, but don’t I?

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