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Narcissism For The Win

Has everyone freakin lost their minds? This woman? THIS WOMAN is allowed to represent women by speaking at a woman’s March event? Let me explain to you that I’m not ranting as an enraged Johnny Depp fan. I’m ranting as a coach, councilor and journalist who sees this kind of narcissist abusive behavior all the time.

Normally I don’t get involved or comment on celebs personal lives because they’re always doing something shady. But this one matters to us folk too. Plus it’s a little bit about Depp.I am human after all.
I’m not someone who questions a woman when she says she’s been abused. However, our world surely does. They ask questions like, what did she do? How did she act around him to make him angry enough that he had to get violent? Must have been her fault. Again this is not real life. This is Hollywood so the brunt of it was faced by the man and he basically lost everything in an instant and she became the hero. Some of us knew all along that it was all her, but did it matter? Did it stop us from blaming him? Not really. He was the man and in this case that was enough.

Now here’s where it’s harmful other than just personally for him. What I’ve learn of her personality is that she’s a huge narcissist. She wants the lime light for the fun. She wants people to love her. She probably wanted her husband to love her too. But she probably wanted him to love him exactly the way she wanted it. Not any differently. If he did it differently she wouldn’t approve of it. Narcissist like to control everything.
They are master planners, controllers-and gas lighters. To keep an intelligent person in line you need to gaslight them so they keep second guessing themselves. They are not expecting that someone who cares about them would be lying to them or would be trying to trick them so they believe it. Or they just stay very confused.
Of course if you do figure everything out and you call them out on it then there’s that physical drama that no one wants to start because at the end even if you’re the victim its somehow you’re own fault.
A person like that, their objective becomes then to ruin their victims life. They want to ruin their reputation by talking about them in public. They portray them as weak and unstable. And Amber Heard was able to do it in such a beautiful way it’s amazing. Sense the sarcasm, please.
The reason I find these places giving her a platform so problematic is that, 1: she will use it farther to abuse her victim in any way that she can and better herself as she sees fit.
2: since she is a narcissist she will not care how she destroys other women in the path to her success. And just by hiring her the marginalized women who are suffering will suffer more. If she was heard it was only because she is famous. Like I said before, most women get questioned and are denied the right to speak if something like this happens to them. What would happen now while this case is fresh in everyone’s mind, when she’s always in the public eye? People who know the truth will take women coming out with their genuine stories with a complete lack of trust.
These women now will think long and hard. She and more so, people who have supported her have set us back a few decades if not more. I hope she gets a taste of her own medicine somewhat and at least gets fired from her upcoming films.
She surely has much to lose still but what we have lost by making her a hero will take a long time to regain.

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Journalist, CEO/Founder of, Mental Health Advocate for Women, Mother. I’m trying to get by just like everyone else. It’s a bit harder because of my chosen gender, so naturally not a friend to those who have stood in my way. Rest is irrelevant!

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