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Look Away

Then I realized what had bothered me about it. These are the most watched shows in Pakistan. The country where it’s safe to assume that there’s no sex ed until your wedding night and even after you stumble the first-time  because who is going to tell you if you’re getting it right?

Look away boys and girls because I’m about to talk about sex. Yes, the real kind that no one wants to talk about. Not the kind that they show on tv. Well  I will start with the kind that they show on TV. I was watching Netflix the other day and I realized that the top 10 shows in Pakistan had a lot of explicit  sexual content.

That’s nothing new. Why did that bother me? Some of them are good shows with really good storylines. The sex in those shows is not misplaced.

And let’s be real  in many cases after being married for 23 years I AM wondering “is that how it’s done?” You think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. Some of those moves are new to me or maybe I’m just old. Or maybe that’s not how real life works.

Back to actual life, is that how we want an entire generation to learn about sex? From tv shows? Where people burst into bedrooms ripping each other’s clothes off? Real talk, do people do that in real life or no? Cause that bumping and stumbling onto furniture doesn’t seem natural and super painful.  I mean did you walk all the way home doing that? Are we  driving? Walking? What was the situation there all the way to that door? Practically,  I’m curious. Oh, and if I’m talking and someone kisses me mid sentence, I GUARANTEE you, you will get slapped. Do. Not. interrupt. Me. It’s not cute. Its rude as hell. Know your manners. Who does these things and who are these humans who encourage these insane behaviors?

Asking for a friend.

This is why fathers need to sit down with their sons and mothers with daughters to teach them about these things and then they need to do a switcheroo  because mothers have a Woman’s perspective for the boys and vice versa.

Please, don’t let TV teach your kids.

I mean you’re watching it, just imagine if you were basing your own life on television, right? That would be insane. For our children that’s all they have since we are not giving them any better, and they are  in for a rude awakening.

Their worlds are not about to be rocked, that’s for sure. Or they are, and not in a good way.

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