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Fear of the Unknown

Telling Ghost Stories in the Camp

We live our lives in fear. Fear of someone getting upset. Fear of someone not approving of our plans. Fear of not having a job to go back to. Fear of not being able to handle certain situations. What if I get sick? Fear of being a burden. It’s not easy taking children everywhere. What if it’s too much for my body?
Sometimes they can ruin others’ vacations. In all these unknown fears we as a family, never took vacations together.
It was never the right time, never the right weather, the right anything. However, if the pandemic has taught us anything is that life is too damn short. We are learning to live in the now.

Across the river, who knew there was so much to accomplish.

The lesson that I always come out with from my impulsive behavior is to try everything at least once.
So, I would recommend taking a vacation with your close family and friends at least once in your lifetime. Those fears will still be there to haunt you just the same when you get back.

Have you seen such great archery?

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