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23rd March: Pakistan Resolution

This is how we celebrated pakistan day. We dressed up in green outfits. Flags. Songs, smiling faces. Photo shoots. My kids know so much about who and what pakistan is and why it was created. They have a sense of purpose.
Are you rolling your eyes yet? Listen, we talked about it. I told them what happened today. I should have bought some flags and maybe taken them some place.
Reading up on history seemed more important. Did they gain a sense of purpose and understand who they are and who we are as a Pakistani people? Too soon to say.
Right now they’re fighting over legos.
What’s important is that we let our kids know everyday that we belong to some place that’s important. Some place thats magical in its ability to never give up and survive the most worst of odds.

Make them believe they come from generations of resilient and headstrong people. You don’t have to pick just one day to do that.

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