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The Message

Whenever I read the Quran I make sure to read the Tafseer to really try and understand what Allah has tried to tell us or teach us here. Surah Furqan was revealed in Maccah at a time of great famine and a time when The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was facing a lot of abuse physical but mostly verbal.

We know that his family and the rich had cut them off so I’m sure the threat of being hungry and homeless along with the insults that they were throwing at him and his companions would have been heartbreaking for the Prophet (PBUH).

Y’all know I don’t post this kind of stuff because I like to keep my religion close to my heart for many reasons. However, some things jump at you and you just know they have to be said out loud. This is one of those times.

I had a particularly difficult week last week. This also affected some of the closest people to me. People that I would give anything for, short of my life. Well, I might consider my life too under some circumstances.

I was traveling back from being with them. On the plane, I opened up my Quran app and just clicked on a random surah to listen to. I landed on Surah Furqan. Furqan means the Criterion, ‘between good and evil’. Right and wrong. It starts out comforting the Prophet (PBUH) and telling him that Allah is in charge of everything and that the ones who are hurting the Prophet (PBUH) are cowards. Evildoers are always cowards.

These ayas especially spoke to me. I was coming back full of worry about the future, I was worried about some of the exact things Allah had mentioned in that Surah. I was hurt and disturbed, and extremely angry about the insults and humiliation we were having to endure for absolutely doing the right thing. I am usually not this cocky, I know anyone can make mistakes but this time whatever started this mess was not any kind of mistake. It was pure vengeance and hate from others. I Wouldn’t be able to tell you why even if I wanted to.

Reading this calmed me. This was the reassurance I needed. If we have that Being looking out for us, raising us up, and taking care of us then what harm can one or two or three humans bring to us? And even if they succeed, for how long? Judgment comes soon enough, whether in this world or not. I make Duaa that Allah gives everyone Hidayat because that judgment is not a thing anyone wants to face. I make Duaa that I never find myself feeling above any person and keep Rehm in my heart for Allah’s creation.


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