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Happy 9th Birthday

Time flies they say. Not when you’re raising two pre-tween children. Days go by in a frenzy of school assignments, tests, homework’s, pranks, fights, cuddles and threats of taking away one privilege or another if they don’t do what they’re told.

Weeks, months and years are a totally different story. They are stretched out. Never ending. As parents we are in awe of these creatures who are learning, adapting and finding out about the world with or without our help. Every day is brand new for them even if it feels the same for us.

They absolutely don’t take growing up for granted, they cherish it and make sure we remember how special it is to be a certain age. Today my younger son turned nine years old. The whole day I was thinking about when I was nine. My mom never celebrated birthdays, so I’m not really big on celebrating bdays either but what I’m in favor of is letting the kids feel important once in a while. Letting them feel as though they are the center of our lives at least once a year. Because let’s face it, they are not the center of anything every day, and they will not be for the world and even for us no matter how much we love them. And we do love them fiercely.

Thank you @ganache_by_madiha for always coming through with the most amazing gluten free cake at the last minute for my brat.

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