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Passion to Work

Today someone asked me what “I” would want my older boy to accomplish in life. I said I’m not sure if I know if I fully understand what I  want to accomplish in life yet and more than half of my potential life is gone. You see, I have no right to demand any path from anyone no matter how much I care about them or how many years of experience I may have on them. All I can do is share what I know and give them of what I have. After that, all there’s left to do is to hold on tight to my seat, hold my breath and, watch with one eye open as they fumble, bump into life lessons, careers, mistakes and finally find what they love and stick to it. I know them, however,  they know their happiness. I can only give them the wisdom and courage to get back up.

This boy in the picture with the lego cake. All he ever wants is legos. The tiny kinds. He builds worlds with them. Literal worlds. Imaginary and real. He doesn’t like to take up too much space in our world. He is quiet and reserved. He keeps to himself. Keeps busy. However, when it comes to building and creating he has big plans and one can see and hear those plans loud and clear. He commands his space in that area. He takes that it freely. He is not quiet about it. He is not reserved about it. He has unique ideas that he’s not timid to explore or share. I am sure he will go on to do stunning in life because he has the confidence.

The only thing left for me to do is to give him the wisdom to deal with life’s setbacks. He just turned 10 this summer so I’m hoping we have some time. This post is not about my son. This post is about every child and adult who is coming into their own with whatever their passion might be. This boy is a creator. Whether it’s at work or home, if you know someone you can encourage into becoming something wonderful, you owe it to them. You owe it to yourself. 

There is no age limit for passion. There’s no age limit for ideas. There’s no age for wanting to become more. If you possess something special acknowledge it. Empower it. Let it grow in the direction it wants to. Don’t ruin it by trying to bend and twist it. We try to tell these creative souls what we want them to be and push them to become something that’s not a part of them. It doesn’t just destroy them it destroys the workplace, hinders productivity and economy as well because we are churning out useless executives who are not interested in doing the jobs that are chosen for them.

The irony then is that we call these amazingly talented individuals lazy and non-creative only because they are in the wrong profession. 

You’re welcome to disagree.

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