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Life Is Brutal

So hear me friends, family, and those who matter to me more than those mentioned above, you know who you are ❤️. Yep, I did that. I made a heart emoji. I’m evolving…doing things I wouldn’t otherwise.

Here is what I want to say, nothing you haven’t heard before but it has to be said over and over again. Life happens to all of us and it happens in absolutely brutal ways. Sometimes that ugly thing turns into something amazing, and sometimes not. Either way, we can’t deny that we are horrified by the events we have faced in our lives and come out on the other side with our hearts and minds still intact. So bravo to us for that. 

Some of us still have struggles. I  don’t know what is hurting your soul right now because I’m too busy pulling on what’s wedged deep inside that hole in my heart. Can’t find it, can’t reach it. I just know it hurts. Just like you hurt, you can’t put it in words sometimes. If it absolutely breaks you sometimes and you want to stop and take a breath, I’m with you.

Think of this post and read the text on the pics and know it’s okay to just ‘be’. You being you and nothing more is enough. I don’t expect you to read all of my jibber jabber every time. I’ll still love you if you read it just once! 

I said at the start, that I have family, friends, and then relationships that are above and beyond. We speak the same language. There’s an unspoken bond that can never be broken no matter how far away we are or for how long we’ve been away from each other. There are VERY VERY few of those relationships. Hold on to them tight, those are your ride or die. Sometimes, they fill that aching hole in the heart. You don’t know how close is the remedy. Don’t suffer alone. I will repeat. Don’t ever let this brain of ours believe that you are alone. Look hard and carefully for who is looking back and is seeing you. Your people, your safe place.

I, personally couldn’t have made it through any of it without you guys. Again, you know who you are. If you message me, I’ll be glad to burst that bubble when I tell you that you’re not it. #sorrynotsorry

Don’t blame yourself for wanting to stop. Don’t be angry at your body when it’s had too much and asks you for some rest. Don’t take it to heart when others say, you need to get out more or be happy with what you have. They don’t know this is the end of your rope. Happiness left the building and now it’s about survival, they weren’t here for any of it. No judgment on their intentions. They don’t see how much you do and Probably suffer for it in the dark of night when no one can see or hear. Your body belongs to you. No one knows it but you.

Don’t handle it like a stranger. Be kind to yourself and be good to your feelings. Let your feelings come out and play. Don’t strangle them inside your chest. Listen to them, play around with them in your brain, and ask them questions. See how you can resolve the concerns they have. 

These feelings need you, they should be important to you. 

That’s all the capacity my brain has. I need to shut it down and do all the things that we have just discussed. 

In the meantime be good. “Do as I say and not as I do.” That’s a saying everyone should always heed when it comes to me. 

Much love and respect to those who made it to the end. Those who didn’t make it; the end-reachers; please summarize for your quitter friends j/k. Much obliged.


Journalist, CEO/Founder of, Mental Health Advocate for Women, Mother. I’m trying to get by just like everyone else. It’s a bit harder because of my chosen gender, so naturally not a friend to those who have stood in my way. Rest is irrelevant!

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