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The Big Game

I wanted to touch on something that everyone is talking about. Just felt like I should get on the bandwagon for once. The FIFA World Cup that’s happening in Qatar this year. My dears, this isn’t your average world cup game. This isn’t even another huge world entertainment event. This is a Muslim country doing things right for once according to the white western standards, and people are losing their shit.


For those who might not be aware, Qatar is a first-world country—albeit a tiny one, sitting somewhere in the Middle East. What’s important is that they hosted the World Cup, and they did it with grace and dignity, all the while upholding their cultural and religious values. 

They are rich, powerful, and control everything. Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East. It is a monarchy, so what the monarch says goes without question. In return, the rulers take care of their people. They give them everything they could possibly desire and more. People are well-educated and well-protected, and there is no shortage of luxuries.

You may say, what’s life without freedom of speech and freedom of expression? What’s life when you are not free to be who you are? I agree with you. However, ask the millions suffering worldwide in the most powerful countries. Are they not already sacrificing their freedoms who fear their leaders, feeling unsafe and unprotected in their own countries with no shelter or food? I can name countries, but you get it. What choice would those people make? Would that be such a bad trade-off? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on one’s perspective.

For the record, though, I don’t approve of monarchies. Also, I don’t believe what we call democracy today is not a true democracy. So, I would argue that countries like Qatar and the United States are not on opposite sides of the spectrum of how they conduct their political affairs.

When is everyone conducting their business more or less in the same way? Why was everything so much more problematic when it happened in Qatar?

The “woke and the “good” people of the world worried that they couldn’t drink in the stadium. What hurt their souls was that at the airport, there were separate security checks for men and women. One reporter said on her social media that she had to go through a separate security check at the airport, which didn’t make her feel special. It’s not meant to make YOU feel special. It’s the culture and religion in the country, so just respect it. You weren’t harmed in any way. Isn’t that what you say when they enter your country? Respect our country’s rules and customs.

It’s a belt you put your bag on and go through a separate metal detector to ensure women handle women and men handle men. Believe it or not, most women prefer it. We like having safe spaces.

At world cups and significant family events, many other collectivist countries haven’t served alcohol in the past. There’s never been a fuss about that. Why is there a fuss when a Muslim country does it? Especially when it’s a widely known fact that Muslims do not drink Alcohol.

Also, there are fewer chances of women being harassed by drunk men. Or families with young kids worrying for the safety of their children from an angry drunken mob if their team loses or even if the scores dip and whatnot. These are legitimate concerns at significant events where drinking is allowed. Fights get started, and stadiums and nearby neighborhoods are sometimes destroyed. Doing what you want on your own time is fine, but when a government is responsible for the safety of that many people, it must make safe decisions.

Anyway, this was not information that was new to anyone. Muslim countries have different cultures. Learn a bit about it before you go, and instead of complaining, respect it because you can’t change a whole people to your way when you are their guest.

Headline: Amnesty International says Qatar’s terrible treatment of immigrants violates Human Rights Laws, and action will be taken against it.

Whoever came up with this should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sure Qatar violates human rights and treats immigrants terribly. As I said before, the standards were up to par with any western country, including the ones that believe themselves to be models for the world. I want to know where their no violation of any kind in Russia—asking for myself and all my Qatari friends.

The other concern that Amnesty International raised was that the audience was in the hot sun for too long without any protection. It was the government’s responsibility to provide shade. Was no one aware that the game is being held outdoors in one of the hottest regions in the world? They knew they were holding the world cup in one of the world’s hottest regions. What was the government to do? Turn down the sun a smidgeon on hot days?

The real controversy, boys and girls is that the western world can’t stand that these camel riding, dessert dwellers are making great progress without the white worlds’ help. These guys are just as successful as the west and more educated. That shouldn’t be possible, there must be some holes in this plot. White saviors will do anything to save us colored folk. What do they do when we have saved ourselves? Well, they try to knock us down and then help us rebuild. Qatar is just not in the mood.

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Doha, Qatar Skyline. Mattae Colombo Photography






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